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Journal of the College of Basic Education for Educational and Humanity Sciences


An authentic scientific journal published by the College of Basic Education/ University of Babylon

Issuer: College of Basic Education/ University of Babylon

Academic field of interest: The Journal is specialized in educational and humanity sciences.

Axes of the journal:

1. Linguistic and humanity researches.

2. Educational psychology and methods of teaching.

3. Social Research.

Journal Section: scientific

Issuance type: quarterly

Date of issue: 2009



ISSN 2304-3717

ISSN online 2312-8003

Deposit no: 1309, in The Library and Archives in Baghdad, 2009

University of Babylon

College of Basic Education

College of Basic Education Journal For Educational and Humanity Sciences

Issued by the College of Basic Education/ University of Babylon

No:1                           (August 2009)


Linguistic expert: Prof. Dr. Sa’ad Hassan Ulaiwi



Price inside Iraq: 20,000 IQ dinars

Price out of Iraq: 25 $ USD


Subscriptions sent to: Iraq / Babylon University / College of Basic Education / secretarial Journal Faculty of Basic Education


Terms of publication in the Journal of College of Basic Education for Educational and Humanity Sciences/ University of Babylon:


1.The research should be academic, and satisfy the conditions of a scientific research based on scientific and methodological rules recognized in the writing of an academic research.

2. Should not exceed (25) pages, printed font size 14 and font size used Simplified Arabic, for the Arab, and Times New Roman, for the English.

3. Name and working position of the researcher should be written in both Arabic and English clearly.

4. A summary of the research should be written in both Arabic and English.

5. Preferably, tables and figures are included in the correct positions as well as include titles and explanatory statements as necessary, and shall not exceed the dimensions of the figures and tables page size (11 cm).

6. Research should be committed to accurate and authentic documentation, and the proper use of sources and references, and refer to the margins of research and review at the end of the search as follows:

Sources: source is referred to by writing the author's name in full, title of the book, name of the interrogator or translator, Edition number, if any, name of the printing press and its place, year of printing, then title of the part, and the page no.

7. When using periodicals (magazines) as search references: mention the name of the writer of the article in full, the article title, the name of the magazine underlined, volume no, issuance number, then the release date, and number of the pages.

8. Margins should be systematically included at the end of the research.

9. The research should not be previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

10. The journal has the right to release the research in the way that cooperates with its policy of publication, like highlighting research headlines.

11. Researches are to be sent to the journal address: Babylon University/ College of Basic Education/ college journal.

12. The wages of the research is as follows: for an instructor or below 50,000 Iraqi dinars, for an assistant professor, 75,000 Iraqi dinars, for a professor, 100,000 Iraqi dinars, and for non-Iraqis, 100 USD.

13. Researcher pays the amount of 1000 thousand Iraqi dinars for each additional page over 25 pages.


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